About Jon Barnes

two shot of Jon Barnes by MAYOCommunications.com

On the red carpet with Jazz Musician Jon Barnes (left) and Buddy Princeton. Barnes with his new daCarbo Trumpet, a carbon fiber made trumpet. Barnes is endorsed by daCarbo, too.

Jon Barnes is a world class musician, who played in the movie Dirty Dancing. He is also a writer, composer, producer, businessman and educator. Although his principal instruments are trumpet and piano, Jon plays all and teaches all instruments. Growing up in Baltimore, Jon started studying trumpet in church and elementary school.

His first of many mentors was the late Robert Smith who was his music teacer as well as a violinist with the Baltmore Symphony Orchestra and a jazz pianist. Another mentor, the late David Hairston from Garrison Jr. High School taught Jon music theory and composition. Jon was hired to play gigs in order to devlop his craft.

In high school Jons mentor was Charles Funn. It was Charles who further exposed Jon to learn classical, improvisation, big band and bebop styles of music. At Virginia Polytechnic University, Jons mentor, Dr. Allen Batchelder unlocked the mysteries of how the trumpet can be easily played and encouraged him to pursue music and business.

Professionally, Jon has also recorded, toured and produced many projects with Gerald McCaulley, Billy Preston, Gerald Albright, Temptations, Four Tops, SmokeyRobinson, Tom Scott, Chris Botti, Gary Bias, Brenda Russell, Little Anthony and the Imperials, the West Coast Allstars CD and DVD and many more. In adddition, he has managed to create his own music curriculum, Kids Music Corner. com. which allows children to learn about music while simulating the playground experience.

Jon, like Miles Davis enjoys sharing the stage with talented people who are inspiring, honest, and hard working. He enjoys spending time with his family in jam sessions and teaching music to his grandkids. Jon believes a family that plays together will stay together.

2 comments on “About Jon Barnes
  1. Mauri Shehee says:

    Jon, congrats and keep on playing you are an amazing musicians.

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