Jazz Musician Jon Barnes wraps up a double header weekend and produces music for a Trayvon Martin tribute song in the works

After a double header weekend with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin (Kool & the Gang), music master Jon Barnes heads back to the studios to produce more Jazz music.

Long Shot of Catalina Jazz Club

Jon Barnes, Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin at the Catalina Jazz Club.

He has been commissioned to write music for Grammy Award-winning Arturo Sandoval’s Big Band. All three recently returned from the daCarbo Jazz Festival in Europe and hit the ground running the weekend that followed with a sold out show at Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood. 

shots of Jon Barnes at Catalina Club with Arturo Sandoval

Jon Barnes, Arturo Sandoval & Skip Martin performed a smashing double header weekend at the famous Catalina Jazz Club.

“I want to give a big shout out for Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin for inviting us to play with his big band and amazing orchestra here at the Catalina,” said Barnes. “We were almost dancing on the ceiling and I’m horse from blowing the trumpet and singing all night.”

Barnes attended a recording session at the Echo Bar Recording Studios, N. Hollywood, CA this week following the blockbuster performance and jazz weekend.  On a break between shows, Barnes talked about his part of the music production he wrote and recorded for the Trayvon Martin tribute.

Barnes said he was invited to contribute to a new song coming out that will benefit the Trayvon Foundation set up by the musicians.”

Long shot of Catalina Jazz Club stage with Jon Barnes

Jon Barnes at the Catalina plays the new daCarbo trumpet with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin, Hollywood.

It’s a unique way to give back to the community, so this will allow us to help out some kids who need our help,” Barnes explained. “We’re going to be offering some music mentoring, business opportunities and help youth learn how to be more effective.”

Skip Martin playing trumpet

Skip Martin (Kool & The Gang) hits the high notes with Jon Barnes and Arturo Sandoval in the background on stage at the Catalina Jazz Club.

The music movement comes 18 months after the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict. Peace not protest is the message from two producers behind the movement. “I’m told there will be a Grammy award-winning Hip-Hop music production team with some top artists coming to record the song, so it’s exciting to help the music community,” he said.

All those piano lesson from you payed off! You da Man! — with Arturo Sandoval, Stefan Maier and Skip Martin.

Jon Barnes (left) with his touring buddies including Arturo Sandoval (middle) and Skip Martin (far right) all sporting the new daCarbo signature trumpets.

Barnes has his own music curriculum already in place with, KidsMusicCorne.com, which allows children to learn about music while simulating the playground experience. 

Barnes, who has been a tutor for disadvantaged kids learning music said he enjoys volunteering his time for classes.

JOn Barnes is always teaching, mentoring when he's not on stage performing his latest Jazz compositions. Currently available for bookings.

Jon Barnes is always teaching, mentoring when he’s not on stage performing his latest Jazz compositions. Currently available for bookings.

Additionally, Barnes just returned from workshops and a European tour in Barnbach, Austria at the DaCarbo Jazz Festival with Arturo Sandoval  and lead vocalist, Skip Martin of Kool and the Gang. The “Tribute to Louis Armstrong with Jon Barnes von Earth Wind & Fire LIVE erleben in Bärnbach”. It was sponsored by daCarbo (Swiss manufacturer of carbon-fiber made horns) and Monster cable.

Barnes is teaming up with Skip Martin and Buddy Princeton & the Incorruptibles to perform in various places nationwide. He’s currently reviewing a list of A-celebrity female singers for upcoming concerts.

MONSTER CABLE CD Miles Davis Stamp and Jon Barnes CD cover.

Jon Barnes original music CD celebrates Miles Davis music and commemorative US Postal Stamps that are constantly in high demand at the your local post office. (see story to order online.

Barnes has also produced a CD celebrating Miles Davis music. The cover features Barnes and a Miles Davis commemorative United States Postal Service Stamp. The music pays respect and honor to Miles Davis. It is Barnes’ original composition. To order a copy visit: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jonbarnes2  For more about Barnes visit his website is: Barnesandnotes.com. And you can follow him onTwitter: @thatsjonbarnes, Facebook.com/JonBarnesMusic.



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2 comments on “Jazz Musician Jon Barnes wraps up a double header weekend and produces music for a Trayvon Martin tribute song in the works
  1. Jon Barnes says:

    It feels good to take a day to relax after working so hard with some extraordinary people in my like! Big thumbs up to Arturo Sandoval, Opera, and other honored guest… to receive Medal of honor!


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